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Our crack team of investigators is the leading edge in investigation services for Kentucky and Indiana, let us prove that to you through results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a PI do?

Our service to you

Our main priority is to help answer any questions you have about your case. Whether that require careful surveillance, background checks, or any other one of our services, we are here to provide you with the truth.

What type of investigation do I need?

We tailor our services to your case

All our investigations are customized to fit your individual needs. There is no “type” of investigation that fits all needs – we incorporate services from surveillance, background investigations, and even skip tracing to help you find answers.

Sounds easy, can’t I do it?

Why you should hire a professional

So does tickling yourself, but give that a shot. There can be many risk factors with conducting your own investigation. One of the primary risk factors is opening yourself up to legal liability, our team handles all the risk for you.

If you are looking for the best team to handle your case, do not hesitate to contact our team. We will work along side you to find you the best solution for your case.

Our Service

Here at Hacker Investigative Group, LLC., we truly believe that no two cases are completely alike, this is why we offer a truly tailored experience to every client. Our professional investigators work diligently to provide you with the absolute best level of service available in our service area. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for being one of the most aggressive investigations agencies.

We truly believe that our services will be beneficial to everyone, if you would like to talk to an investigator to find out how we may be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact our team at (812) 725-7147 and one of our investigators will assist you with your case.

A Little About Us

Hacker Investigative Group, LLC. is your go to investigations agency located in Kentucky. Our team of investigators are the cream of the investigative crop, and we plan on keeping it that way by means of results, and training.

We keep our entire team updated on greatest and latest investigative tools and strategies in order to provide you with the best service available in our entire service area. Our investigative reach is unmatched by any investigative agency our size because we serve: Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, and Florida.

Our team’s attention to detail and commitment to service is unrivaled in our service area, unlike last night’s leftovers, we will not disappoint.

Professional Investigation Services
For Attorneys, Individuals, and Businesses.

Why Choose Hacker Investigative Group, LLC.?

Over the years, we have worked diligently to develop a reputation for being one of the best investigative agencies in our entire service area. We are able to maintain this reputation due to our diligence and commitment to service. We have developed an investigative method which allows us to streamline the way we conduct our investigations to maintain efficiency.  We use this method to help you, our client, find the answers you seek while remaining well within your budget.

When you need a diligent eye to oversee your case, we are the team you need. Our investigators have the proven experience and training you need in order to help you achieve all of your investigative goals. We take full advantage of all our resources in order to accurately conduct the most comprehensive services in our entire service area.

If you are looking for a professional team, please do not hesitate to give our investigative team a call. We will provide you with a complementary case review conducted by your assigned investigator.

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Hacker Investigative Group, LLC.

Hacker Investigative Group, LLC. is a private investigations agency. We service attorneys, private individuals and businesses with professional investigative services.

Contact our team today at (812) 725-7147 to receive a free consultation and find out how we may be of service to you.


The information contained on this website should not be construed as legal advice. We are not attorneys.

Please contact our office for all of your investigative needs. If we are not able to assist you ourselves, we will help you find an investigator who can.

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